Work on the club website

I’ve been working on getting an easier to read and use layout, and a more consistent feel for the website. And I’ve gotten some awesome help from Tim, N0TJA too (Thanks Tim!).

I found a way to add actual calendars to the website, so I’ve utilized Google Calendar to do so.

There’s one that should be visible on every page, it’s like a master Calendar, with different levels / layers… options for the Calendar. You can select to hide or show Club Events, Club Nets, Area Swap Meets / Fests, Training, Testing… and more if we need it.

I’ve dropped specific Calendars for Club Events, Testing & Training, and Swap Meets and Hamfests into their appropriate pages too, to help simplify things with a quick look.

I also just recently started work on a map using Google Maps. I hope to give a visual representation of the various area clubs in relation to us… as well as show the (at least the rough) locations of the various repeaters around our area.

I think the maps will be much more helpful than a listing of the cities and relative positioning when it comes to quickly locating such resources. But maybe that’s just me.

Let me know what you think.

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