Field Day 2018

Field Day 2018 is almost here!

June 23-24 2018’s Field Day took place again, from the QTH of club member Mark, K0MJT, up on the hill overlooking Manning.

Members participating this year were Mark, K0MJT; Dave, N0NAF; and Ron, WB0YCV. Jim, KA0HFR and George, KB0HVB stopped by for a few minutes also.

This year’s QSOs were made on 40 (22), 20 (76), and 15 (27) meters Phone, and then late in the event a few (3) phone on 6-meters — a total of 128 completed contacts. With less than 150 watts power, using utility mains, a multiplier of 2 is used for a total claimed score of 256. Add 50-points for submitting the results electronically, and our score is 306 for 2018.

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