Club Repeater

147.120 MHz + 600 KHz No PL | WA0GUD – Audubon, IA

Our club repeater, WA0GUD, is located northwest of downtown Audubon, Iowa, and has been assigned 147.120 MHz by the Iowa Repeater Council. The repeater uses a positive (600 KHz) offset, no tone, and, under normal conditions, is open for use to any licensed Amateur Radio Operator. The repeater may be in use for special weather or traffic events, so please listen before transmitting as always.

440 MHz Beam aimed at Scranton


Repeater building with backup tower and link antenna in background

 440 MHz Link Transceiver (top) GE 2 meter repeater (below) Repeater and Link radios

white  Duplexer cans below repeater equipment duplexer

September 2010 Repeater Building re-build by Doug KAØQNW and Les KAØLZU rptr bldg 28 sept-2010 2