What is Amateur Radio?

Amateur radio allows the average citizen the opportunity to learn about, work with, design and build, and sometimes even invent new communications technologies; and to use those skills to help their community.  Anyone can become an amateur radio operator after demonstrating that they have a basic understanding of radio knowledge, safety, and the rules that will govern responsible and reasonable use of radio communications.  Much of the technology that allows us to communicate and share information around the world today was designed and improved with the help of amateur radio, and the operators and tinkerers who invented and developed new ways to more efficiently and effectively communicate over distances from inches to edges of the solar system and beyond.

While it’s true that the need for amateur radio in global communications has been reduced with the proliferation of the internet and mobile devices — amateur radio has proven itself as a relevant and needed service, especially in times of emergency, natural disaster, and political unrest — when “normal” communications methods are damaged, disrupted, clogged, blocked, or otherwise inoperable.

If you’d like to learn more about amateur radio and become a licensed “ham”, please join us at the next monthly club meeting. The club meets at the Audubon Fire Station, the first Wednesday of most months at 7:00 PM local time, unless otherwise noted.