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Field Day 2015 was held June 27 & 28. Club members who were able to participate this year were: Arnie, WAØGUD; Tim, NØTJA; Dave, NØNAF; Ron, WBØYCV; Club President Mark, KØMJT; and George, KBØHVB — Allowing us to run class 3A using Dave’s call. Dave and Tim weren’t able to stay the whole weekend, but helped out as long as they could.

As always, Arnie, WAØGUD ran the CW station. Everyone else worked Phone on the HF bands… playing “musical-chairs” and swapping rigs as they worked through the event.

Arnie, WAØGUD working CW
Arnie, WAØGUD working CW

We had a couple of visitors to our Field Day site this year, and Ron was our friendly Ambassador, introducing one and reintroducing the other to the world of amateur radio.

Ron, WBØYCV and Dave, NØNAF working 40 meters
Ron, WBØYCV and Dave, NØNAF working 40 meters

Saturday evening’s supper was grilled up by Ron and Dave, with side-dishes and desserts provided by everyone in attendance. The food was great, and almost made it difficult to pull ourselves away and get back on the air.

CVARC setup at 2015 Field Day event. Inside North Shelter House at Swan Lake State Park south of Carroll, IA
CVARC setup at 2015 Field Day event. Inside North Shelter House at Swan Lake State Park south of Carroll, IA

As the evening pressed on, Ron found a Hawaii station coming in strong, after a few attempts, he set George with the task of seeing if that station could be worked. After about 30 minutes, George was finally able to break through the pile-up and confirm the QSO out in the Pacific.

Early Sunday morning a storm front moved through, bringing with it some lightning, and light sprinkles. Around 3 AM local, we made the decision to disconnect for safety, and waited out the conditions. A few of the operators decided that might be a good time to rest their eyes, some resting them much longer than they had planned, but soon enough, we were back on the air working.

Tim, NØTJA and Mark, KØMJT working 20 meters
Tim, NØTJA and Mark, KØMJT working 20 meters

Sunday morning, Ron whipped up an amazing breakfast, which we all enjoyed, and which was just what we needed to fuel the final hours of operation.

George got called away early, and that was the marker that Field Day was coming to an end. It was decided with this change that we end our Field Day a little more than an hour early, and tear-down and pack-up began.

All too soon, our exercise in portable ham radio operations had come to an end. All seem to be excited for next year’s event, and hoped that the weather would be as pleasant as this year’s had been.

Log results posted below pictures. In summary, we worked most states, a few Canadian Provinces, but, unfortunately, no DX stations this year.






Summary from information collected for ARRL:

6  Participants
3  Transmitters
Club entry on Commercial Mains power
IA section

278 pts = 139 CW (2 pts ea)
0 pts = 0 Digital (2 pts ea)
136 pts = 136 Phone (1 pt ea)
414 pts = Contact Points Subtotal

Power Multiplier of 2 for 150 watts or less gives us a
Claimed Score = 828 pts


Bonus Points:
100 pts = Media Publicity
100 pts = Set-up in Public Place
100 pts = Information Booth
50 pts = Submitted via web applet (
350 pts = Total Bonus Points Claimed


Total Contacts by Band and Mode:

Band CW   Pwr  Dig Pwr Phone Pwr  Total   %
80          0    150    0    150      4    150        4      2
40          0    150    0    150    66    150      66    24
20        99    150    0    150    64    150     163   59
15         18    150    0    150      2    150       20     7
10         22    150    0    150      0    150       22     8
GOTA    0    150    0    150      0    150         0     0
Total    139             0            136              275   100

One thought on “Field Day 2015

  1. There was pre-event coverage in The Lake View Resort and Carroll Daily Times Herald newspapers, not sure if the Audubon or Atlantic papers covered it, but I did send them information.

    There was post-event coverage in The Lake View Resort Newspaper as well as a photo of the group operating. I’m not certain if any other papers covered the post-event summary.

    I’ve not found a link to either paper’s article online.

    I heard that the event was mentioned on the radio – I believe that I only got information to KCIM/KKRL/KIKD radio in time. I’ve heard there was some pre-event coverage, but heard nothing about post-event airings. However, the Carroll Broadcasting website has both before and after news pieces on their website. They even included the picture in the post-event piece.

    Pre-event —
    Post-event —

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